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Retail webinar takeaways

During the lockdown, we’ve been attending a number of webinars which has definitely been positive, as it’s easier to fit them into the day or catch-up later as opposed to taking time out for an event but the two (live and online) are not quite same. The more recent ones have focused on how to start up the high street after Covid-19, and what the future of retail may look like after this global pandemic. Architects, Farrells ran a series of webinars discussing the impact of Covid-19 on the built environment, its design and the people living in it. One of these looked at reclaiming high streets post-COVID-19 and it’s interesting looking back to see that even though the discussion [...]

Looking back and predictions for the future from BDO’s annual retail trading seminar

This week I attended BDO’s annual retail trading seminar for the first time. Presented by retail partner, Sophie Michael and Richard Lim of Retail Economics, the seminar took an in-depth look at the sector, trends over the past 10 years, Christmas trading and predictions for the next decade. I’ve included a round-up of the key points below, adding in other research and comments on the sector from my own experience. The content presented, was broadly aligned with learnings from last weeks’ session at The Institute of Place Management (IPM) (as part of the MSc Place Leadership programme), that addressed how technology and changing consumer behaviour are the biggest factors impacting the sector. How we shop, interact with retailers (on and [...]

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