Creating and managing projects from inception to evaluation across businesses and places

All our projects involve a strong element of project management often bringing order and structure and a joined up approach across multiple stakeholders. We are always consulting whether it’s with your internal team, senior management or council leaders, stakeholders on a project or in the community and can provide dedicated focus to a niche project where others are stretched.

How we approach project management

  • A comprehensive system for project updates and reporting
  • Aligning workstreams and identifying owners
  • Bringing teams together, building relationships from volunteers to board level
  • Budget management
  • Matrix working with individuals, third parties, agencies and our own team of specialists
  • Preparation of briefing notes and cabinet papers in local authorities
  • Preparation of management and annual reports for businesses
  • Presentations to gain buy-in and confidence on direction
  • Pulling together people, information and moving parts to make things happen, ensuring your projects meet important deadlines